Russ & Andrea Belleci have hosted well over 100 crab feed events since Andrea was about 13 years old.

Using a mixture of Old Sicilian charm, love of seafood and a time honored recipe for Cold Cracked Dungeness Crab Marinade, this father and daughter team has wowed many an organizations annual crab feed events throughout the Tri Valley and East County.

The Belleci's have hosted the Danville Rotary Crab Feed (1995-2009), St Isidore School Foundation and Knights of Columbus, Italian Catholic Federation, San Ramon Valley Christian Academty, Alamo Women's Club and The Alamo Chamber of Commerce among others as well as many private events as Private Chefs.

Russ & Andrea Belleci at your Service!.

​​​Crab, Cioppino and Pasta Feed Specialists



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The Dungeness crab fishery is back in business. 

Oregon and Washington are actively producing crab and large parts of the Northern California coast are supposed to get going on January 15th. 

The price is back to reality from the nosebleed numbers of this past holiday season. 

There is still not as much production of the larger more desirable crabs on the market but things are slowly improving.





We do In-Home Private Crab Feasts! 

Belleci Family Catering