Crab Feed Calendar 2019

January 14 -----Danville Italian Catholic Federation


ticket info:  

 please contact Marianne Bordogna at 925.202.5508 

or via email at 

January 24 -----Danville Area Chamber of Commerce


February 9 -----St Isidore Knights of Columbus
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How much crab to order?  We recommend 3 lbs per person  gross weight. 

If a group is offering a more elaborate menu, then 2 1/2 lbs is about right. Crab is ordered as “whole cooked” crabs. It is cracked and cleaned to order. The price is based on the whole crab weight. The final delivered weight is about half the weight of the whole-cooked crab. Remember, the back shell and the inners of the crab will be removed.

Crab Vendor is paid directly by the group. 

We do not add any "markup" to the per pound price of crab, nor do we charge for the marination process.

Crab is delivered ready to marinate and serve.

All courses are served "family style."

Most organizations utilize volunteer servers however we can do a more elaborate service with professional waitstaff for an additional charge.

We have custom packages to suit your budget and vision of your event

Please feel free to call  Russ or Andrea. Most of our  events have become annual crab feeds in various locales.

Besides being in the crab feed business for over 30 years, we have been personally involved in doing fundraising events for Andrea's schools, sports teams, and our church.

Give us a call:


Set event goals.

Decide how many attendees you want to accommodate.

Find a location that will accommodate your group.

Some considerations are:

  • Does it have a kitchen?

  • Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises?

  • What amenities does it provide (tables, chairs, etc.)?

Set the date. The best time of year in terms of price and quality for Dungeness crab feeds are December through March.

Crab is available year round, but the main Fresh Dungeness catch is from the middle of November until the end of February.

Dungeness crab available after February 15th  will most likely be frozen

​Ticket prices usually are between $45 to $65, depending on what is included in the dinner .

Our feeds include bread, salad, pasta marinara, crab.  Appetizers and dessert/coffee are optional items. Some groups prefer to do their own appetizers and dessert/coffee to save money.

Alcoholic beverages and wine at a separate bar and are charged separately. Some groups charge "corkage" for wine brought in by guests.

Plan the activities.

  • What is included in the evening is up to the group and what is usual for a fun event. Often groups who are using the evening as a fundraiser have raffles, silent and live auctions, etc. along with the crab feed.
  • Many groups have dancing after the feed.
  • Cake sales for dessert are fun too.

Crab Feed Notes

St. Isidore Foundation Crab Feed April 2015

Russ, Andrea and Travis 1st Team!

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