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Everyone LOVES Pasta!

Pasta is one of the most popular foods in the world today.  Available in an amazing range of shapes and flavors it is incredibly versatile and can be served in scores of different ways.  Simple and sophisticated it is the perfect choice for a formal party or a large crowd on the patio!

Variety of Shapes & Sauces

We have inumerable recipe styles drenching different and interesting pasta shapes.

Quoted individually by sauce and ingredients pasta feeds are an in-expensive meal for a large group. Includes salad and bread.

Staffing and tabletop additional.


Fresh and Savory

Our Cioppino is authentic San Francisco Style fish "stew".  Loaded with  seasonal seafood that includes whitefish chunks, clams, prawns, scallops, sometimes mussels all topped with dungeness crab legs.

All drenched in a savory tomato-garlic based broth.


Great In-Home Wintry Feast

In addition to salad with Russ's special Italian Dressing and ample sourdough bread we can customize your event with appetizers and dessert. 



Quoted individually by time of year and availablity of ingredients it is an expensive treat BUT sure to please your guests.

Staffing and tabletop additional.

Cioppino Feeds

Cioppino & Pasta Feeds